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5000liters 10000liters 2 Wheels or 4 Wheels Water Tank Trailer for Spraying

1.Trailer Outside View: 2.Product Parameter 3.Main structure, function and adjustment: Wheel Axle System Axle: Bearing, axial clearance adjustment: use the jack to put...

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Product Details

1.Trailer Outside View:


2.Product Parameter

Model Rotary trailer

tank dimensions(mm)

Overall dimensions(mm)

Loading (kgs)

Tire NO.

Tare weight (kgs)

Matched power(hp)




































3.Main structure, function and adjustment:
Wheel Axle System

Bearing, axial clearance adjustment: use the jack to put up the axle, unload the dust cap, use the special sleeve wrench to discharge the external pin nut in anticlockwise, remove the locating pin and cushion, and then fastening the internal pin nut(the tightness is the tire can not move), then make the internal pin nut rotate 1/8-1/6 revolutions in anticlockwise. At this time, use the hand to rotate the tire repeatedly, to make the rotation easily, and then install the cushion, adjust the hole of cushion on the hole of internal pin nut, plug in locating bolt, and fastening the external pin nut.

The frame girder use the 12 # national standard channel steel (two girder), the boundary beam use the #10 national standard channel steel(the machinery peformance of the material is not less than Q235A ). The board use the frame box structure, the tank thickness is 4mm, using the hot rolled steel plate(Q235B). The tank back outlet outside diameter is 700mm, internal thread is 600mm. Deformation does not occur under full load, normal load and impact, so it can increase the loading capacity and enhance the trailer's stability. It bearing the load by two longitudinal beam, with high strength, simple structure, processing and convenient maintenance features.

Frame maintenance:
1.Clean the dirt on the frame often. When cleaning, use the clean water wash or use the brush cleaning, do not use the hard iron parts or other hard parts scratch the dirt, in case of damage the painting, resulting in corrosion.
2.Distribution of loading, it is strictly prohibited to overload.
3.Driving on uneven road surface, attention should be paid to control the speed of the car.
4.Should often pay attention to the frame painting quality and regular maintenance.
5.Pay attention to welding seam, shall promptly remedy and repair once have the crack.


4.Application notice
1) Hook up and separate from the main vehicle
When trailer connect to the main vehicle, first park the trailer straightly, back the main vehicle, raise the drawbar, to make it on the towing ring of the main vehicle, install the hinge pin and reliable fixed. When divorce from the vehicle, make the main vehicle brake reliable, remove the pin, drive the vehicle, leave from the trailer, put down the drawbar.
2) Both the vehicle and trailer should start smoothly, pay attention to the surrounding environment, slowly start, low speed  driving.
3) In the driving process, should try to avoid emergency braking, in case for damaging the parts or pashing the tractor by trailer, even some more serious things happen.
4) When load the goods, should put the goods evenly, to make the trailer even load.
5) For new trailer using, when driving within 200km, all trailer parts in the running- in stage. In this stage, trailer load shall not exceed the rated load. For hub and bearing, when driving within 300km,should clean and change oil, and adjust the axial clearance(If discover bearing axial clearance can not in touch by hand, should adjust at any time). In the using process, should check if there is any loose phenomenon between the axial clearance, tire screw and turntable screw, to prevent major structural damage and avoid something happen. When driving to 300-500km, shall tighten all bolts again. In trailer running-in period, should check if there is any presence of abnormal fever or abnormal sound in the hub and axle, if there are any abnormalities, should be handled in a timely, should pay special attention to bearing axial clearance, to adjust to the best state.
6) Check before usage: must check all exposed bolts and connections. For example, if there is any looseness and damage between the traction frame connection, tire screw and flange screw. Should be ruled out all failures, then it can run normal. Check the brake system. Check if  there is any abnormal in the tire for long parking.
7) For butterfly valve should pay attention to the inner sealing ring cleaning in the using process, prevent dirt blocking sealing ring to make the sealing ring failure.

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