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What Are The Characteristics Of Flatbed Trailer?
- Jan 24, 2018 -

Flatbed trailers are very common in life, flatbed trailers, also known as flatbed, flatbed trailer, trailer, flatbed trailer, etc., is an important modern logistics and transport tools. The use of flatbed trailer is the most effective and easy way to improve economic efficiency. With the advantages of high load-bearing capacity and efficiency. Tractor can be towed by a tractor or a combination of more than one trailer trailers. What are the characteristics of flatbed trailer? Let's take a look together.

 1, the use of highly flexible solid tires, can enhance the carrying capacity of trailers and improve service life, the use of air tires can reduce the traffic jams caused by road bumps on the goods caused by damage; the use of pressure with the tire, due to lower tire height, strengthened Vehicle stability and trailer carrying capacity. Especially suitable for bulk mold handling.

2, the use of double floating structure, floating frame, wheel axis automatic swing adjustment to ensure that the uneven surface to ensure that the level of the body and tire force balance. Improve the safety during transportation.

3, the connection part of the pin shaft material alloy steel, the special treatment, improve service life.

4, the use of dual track machine rotary body form, more stable performance.

5, the traction faucet can be adjusted up and down fixed, different tonnage of the traction head or forklift traction can be simply adjusted.