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The Transport Structure And Configuration Of The Flatbed Trailer
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Large prefabricated components Flatbed trailers should be controlled at medium speed. Simple beam of transport, in addition to the vertical plus anti-tilt overturned, the flatbed parking table must have a turntable set. What is the safety of the graders in handling? The rotation of the scraper and the adjustment of the shovel angle and the outward inclination must be carried out at the time of stoppage. What are the safety requirements for staff when lifting piles or piles?Flatbed Trailer

When the piling or pile hammer is hoisted, the operator is prohibited from staying or operating under the hook or at the entrance of the pile. Lifting crane for the bridge, board hoisting when the safety requirements of what?Flatbed Trailer

The components should be lifted vertically and remain stable and stable. Near the mounting site. Do not crash the already finished components and other operating facilities. The vehicle carrying the component is withdrawn quickly after the component has risen. Bridge and culvert construction, should deal with the construction site, equipment and safety equipment, such as a comprehensive inspection to confirm compliance with the safety before construction. What should be done before the bridge construction? High bridge, deep water, complex structure of the large bridge construction, construction safety should be done to do a special investigation and study, and develop appropriate security technical measures. Individual projects (including auxiliary structures, temporary works) before the start, should be developed in accordance with the provisions of the safety rules, to the construction staff to carry out safety technology.Flatbed Trailer

Rain, snow, frost weather loading and unloading vehicles, should take anti-slip measures. Up and down the ramp, should be in advance for low gear, to avoid the middle shift and emergency braking. It is forbidden to slide downhill. Heavy truck parked overnight, the plate should be supported to reduce the tire pressure. When using the truck wagon to load and unload objects, you have to command, the trailer group must be braking, and the wheel wedge.Flatbed Trailer