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The Springboard Function Of The Car Trailer
- Nov 03, 2017 -

Trailer erection should be solid, and the ground angle: in the loading and unloading crawler cranes, excavators, rollers, should not be greater than 15 °; loading and unloading crawler bulldozers, tractors, should not be greater than 25 °. The machinery for loading and unloading can be operated by the captain or skilled driver, and shall be commanded by a person.Car Trailer 

Command personnel should be familiar with the performance and characteristics of the towing and shipping machinery. The action of the upper and the alighting should be smooth and the direction should not be adjusted on the springboard.

Up and down the ramp, should be in advance to change the low-speed gear, not halfway shift and emergency braking.Car Trailer

It is forbidden to glide downhill air block. The trailer park should be solidly flat. Long-term parking or heavy car parking, should be a flat plate, tire pressure. When loading and unloading with the winch hoist, the person should be commanded, the trailer should be stopped and the wheel should be wedged tightly. When the cold area is parked overnight, air and water should be drained from the tank. In the car under maintenance, repair, should be the internal combustion engine flameout, tighten the hand brake and the wheel wedge.Car Trailer

When parked on the ramp, the downhill parking should be hung upside down, the uphill parking should be hung on a block, and should use triangular wood wedge and so on tight tires. When a vehicle is repaired, it shall be driven by a qualified person and shall not be manned or loaded on board, and shall be hung by the traffic management department when it is to be tested on the road.Car Trailer

Before starting the inspection and confirm the trailer device, the brake trachea, cable connectors, such as good connection, and tire pressure Fusche provisions. lighting, horn, indicator, etc. should be complete; fuel, lubricating oil, cooling water should be added enough; Each connection piece shall not be loosened; the tyre pressure shall be Fu Tai and confirmed, and can be started. The fuel tank should be locked.Car Trailer