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Technical Force Of The Tank Trailer
- Sep 09, 2017 -

     Tracked armoured combat vehicles with strong direct firepower, high off-road mobility and strong armor protection. The "tank" of tanks is intended to be a container for storing liquids or gases. This name has been used since the first battle of the fighting vehicles for secrecy. It is the main assault weapons and basic equipment of ground combat, mainly used to fight against enemy tanks and other armored vehicles, but also can suppress, destroy anti-tank weapons, destroy field fortifications, annihilate the strength. Modern main battle tanks can make full use of the effects of nuclear and fire raids, passing through radioactive zones and water barriers in the marching room.Tank Trailer
     Composed of weapons systems, propulsion systems, protective systems, communications equipment, electrical equipment and other special equipment and devices. Includes weapons and fire control systems, including power, transmission, operation and handling devices, including armoured shells and a variety of special protective devices, camouflage equipment, radio, car intercom, etc. Some tanks also have diving, guidance, ventilation, heating and other special equipment and devices. The occupant $number the person, respectively undertakes the command, the shooting, the driving, the correspondence and so on task. Category: Before the 1960s, tanks were usually divided into light, medium, and heavy-duty combat full weight.Tank Trailer
      Light tank heavy $number ton, artillery caliber is generally not more than 85 mm, mainly used for reconnaissance vigilance, also can use in specific conditions combat. Medium Tank heavy $number ton, artillery caliber is 105 millimeters, for the main combat task of the Armored force. Heavy tank heavy $number ton, artillery caliber is 122 mm, mainly used to support medium tank combat. The United Kingdom once divided the tanks into "infantry" tanks and "patrol" tanks. "Infantry" tank armor is thicker and less maneuverable to accompany combat. "Patrol" tank armor is thinner, maneuverability is stronger, use in maneuver combat.Tank Trailer
      The history of the ride battles can be traced back to ancient times. Early in the summer, China had a horse-drawn chariot that had evolved from a hunting car. But the birth of the tank is the demand of modern warfare and the result of the development of science and technology. During the period, the warring parties broke the deadlock of warfare by breaking through the defensive positions composed of trench, machine gun firebase, and urgently needed to develop a new type of weapon which could combine firepower, maneuver and protection.Tank Trailer