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Tank Trailer Power, Effort
- May 10, 2017 -

Tank Trailer Chiang Kai-shek mixed blood when the forum, several times to see someone asked: 59-type tanks behind why tied the wood?

Russian T72 tanks are also tied to the back of the wood, but the Western tanks like Abrams, Leopard 2 behind not tied wood. And the West compared to our tank good soil behind ah ... ...

This is called "self-help logs".

Tank Trailer If the tank is in the mud, it is not up to the track. Because it is too slippery, friction is not enough. At this point put the wood tied to the front position of the track, so that the tank has a focus point. And so on the track half a turn, the wood to the rear, then the wood down, and then tied to the front of the track. So repeat until the solution.

Tanks and tracked armored vehicles are known for their off-road performance, but this is not to say that tanks can pass through various pavements and various terrain. In the south of China, all over the water network and rice fields, tanks are here to pay special attention to prevent the silt. Although our tanks are careful, but sometimes it will inevitably suffer from the collapse, once the tank of this dozens of tons of big guy into the mud, you must use the correct way to make it "revitalize." Therefore, our tank soldiers must practice the unique skills - self-help and rescue, especially the bungal self-help.

Tank Trailer With the traction wire rope and the car connection ring connection As shown  with the car to carry the traction wire rope will round winding, and then the ends of the rope through the connecting ring connected to the track.

In the marshes and deep snow self-help, if the logs and the track with the slippery, can be re-use a few logs (or beamwood, straw, etc.) connected into a lumber, and with the first round wood together. In order to reduce the movement resistance and avoid the log damage, set the logs of the ground should be flattened, when the muddy ground is hard, the size of the logs should be tipped, so that the logs and the track with the ground flush.

After the log is connected, you can drive carefully, slowly out of the meandering area, the specific operation is to start the engine, the two joystick pulled to the final position, according to self-help out of the direction of hanging out 1 file or reverse The Push one side of the joystick forward smoothly to the track so that the end of the log is close to the track and quickly pull the lever back to the last position. Use the same method to keep the other end of the log close to the track. The two sides of the joystick at the same time smoothly pushed to the front position, a smooth refueling. When the log close to the drive wheel (or induction wheel), immediately stop, pick off the flame, remove the log connection. Then restart the engine and leave the meandering area.

Tank Trailer As early as a war in the British tanks to carry over the trenches of the "wood dumplings" to World War II, began to carry some tanks to the logs, then carry the role of these logs, mainly for the tank to provide additional protection, But in the face of the collapse of the situation, these logs can also help the tank off the storm, I am afraid that this is the history of the earliest self-help wood.

Tank Trailer Later, self-help wood has become a non-standard accessories tanks, especially the Soviet Union tanks and we are old-style 59, 62 type. Also do not think that only the old tank with wood, 96 type, 99 type will occasionally bring.

It is said that a confrontation, the Blues tanks did not back wood, the results affected the tactical maneuvers, failed to arrive on time offensive positions, and finally lost.

Tanks, small pieces of the first piece of wood from the wood will be able to arch out, the West of the main battle of the main battle tanks, 60 tons of M1 and cat 2 if caught, pad a pile of wood are futile, can only wait for the trailer ... ...

NATO tanks for the heavy weapons installed on the battlefield is the Western European plains, do not like the big hair as considered in the permafrost mud, do not need the same as the rabbit from the southern river wading, coupled with the logistics support to force, do not Own back from the wood.

Tank Trailer There are points to use the occasion, if the M1 as in the desert was Joseph, even if the back two wood does not work, the bunker will be more dilute the trap, then only the rescue.

In addition, Europe and the United States of the main battle tanks powerful, fully able to adjust through the tank body to complete the storm. For example, the United States M1 tank, which is equipped with a gas turbine, which makes the M1 tank won the 1500 horsepower and 27.5 of the high thrust-weight ratio, coupled with the use of silica gel crawler, so in the case of general collapse, only need Their own power will be able to complete the storm.

So we almost can not see the West tank back wood.

Tank Trailer This thing can not use the tank, we drove the car can also use this idea to save themselves.

In the car driving wheel tied a strong 50cm long board, and then low, slowly step on the gas, step by step slowly out of the muddy area.

Note that the bundled solid, and the wood into the car when aligned with the inside of the tires like, do not hang the brake tube and hanging.

This method is simple and practical, whether it is in the muddy road or soft snow can be used.