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Specification Structure Of Farm Trailer
- Oct 25, 2017 -

The trailer frame is welded into a frame structure by a groove beam the selection of nodes is reasonable, the strength is high, the rigidity is good, and the steel plate spring suspension structure is fitted; the trailer adopts a highly adjustable latch-type traction frame, which is suitable for all kinds of height tractor, and adopts circular steel tube welded straight-through axle with compact structure and safe and reliable; Equipped with inertia driving brake, parking brake and out of emergency braking to ensure the safety of the unit under various conditions.Farm Trailer

Traction: The use of movable hook, 180° turntable, steering flexibility, to ensure the safety of the driving. Braking: With a reliable hand-cranked braking system to ensure the safety of the driving. Support: In order to ensure the stability of the power vehicle operation, with 4 mechanical or hydraulic support devices.Farm Trailer 

Doors and windows: The front has a ventilation window, the back of the front door, on both sides of the door for operators to access. Anti-sound: The power car's trunk, door and so on all with double decorative, and equipped with sound-absorbing board muffler; the exhaust pipe is insulated with cotton package, the noise can be controlled at least 75dB (A).Farm Trailer Size of Car box: The size of the car box depends on the size of the specification, operators can walk around, easy to operate and maintain. Exterior beauty: The paint uses polymer polyurethane paint, the color can be customized by the owner, exhaust pipe used to ensure beautiful. The machinery for loading and unloading can be operated by the captain or skilled driver, and shall be commanded by a person. The command personnel shall be familiar with the performance and characteristics of the trailer group and the shipping machinery. The upper and lower car movements to be smooth, not on the springboard to adjust the direction.Farm Trailer

Loading crawler crane, the arm lever must be cut down and lowered to the highest point below the canopy, the arm rod back, the hook shall not be free to sway. You should reduce the speed when turning. After the mechanical loading, each brake must be stopped, the safety device should be locked, the wheel or track should be wedged, and should be lashing firmly. Rain, snow, frost weather loading unloading, should take anti-skid measures. Up and down the ramp, should be in advance to change low-speed, to avoid midway shift and emergency braking. Downhill of glide is strictly prohibited.Farm Trailer

When the car is parked overnight, the flat plate should be supported to reduce the tire pressure. When loading and unloading items with the winch hoist, the towing unit must be stopped and the wheels wedged.Farm Trailer