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Semi-trailer Type Introduction
- Mar 06, 2017 -

Bar plate semi-trailer laden Board structure of semi, wide range of uses, mainly suitable for heavy and long distance transport of goods in bulk, applicability, has become a medium and long distance freight vehicle of choice.
1. vehicle body made of high quality steel products, advanced technology, strict manufacturing and vehicle reasonable structure, reliable performance, convenient operation and appearance.
2. series of semi-trailer frame to put beams, Stringer used straight or goose-neck type, Web height from 400mm to 550mm and manganese plates, Stringer uses automatic submerged arc welding, blasting of the frame, beams into the longitudinal beams and welded as a whole.
3. the suspension is non-independent steel rigid suspension, made up of series leaf springs and suspension bearings; a reasonable structure, strong rigidity and strength, used to load cushion the blow.