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Related Experimental Operation Of Boat Trailer
- Sep 19, 2017 -

    The speed precision (high speed) of the trailer is realized, because the speed accuracy of the boat-pool trailer is high (speed error ±1‰), we have carried out many experiments to ensure the trailer's speed precision. Four frequency converters are used speed control, master-slave control, that is, a inverter-oriented inverter, speed control, and the other three inverter from the inverter, speed control, following the main inverter speed.Boat Trailer

    This scheme, because the actual frequency of four inverter can not achieve exactly the same, as long as the actual frequency of frequency difference between a point, there is a motor is towed away, resulting in inconsistent electric current, or even caused by the motor over-current.Boat Trailer

    Tested 2 Master 2 from the program, that is, a main inverter on the left side of the trailer and a frequency converter, the main inverter using speed control, from the inverter using torque control, following the main inverter torque, the right side of the trailer and the left side, the right side of the 2 inverter also use master-slave control. This scheme, because the tow sides of the main inverter speed may not be consistent, but also caused by the motor current inconsistent, and if the trailer side speed, one side slow, the trailer will be "crooked" driving, affecting the trailer speed accuracy.Boat Trailer

    We tested 1 Master 3 from the scheme, that is, a frequency converter main inverter, speed control, and another 3 inverter from the inverter, torque control, following the main inverter torque. Under this scheme, the main inverter controls the speed accuracy of the trailer, 3 units from the inverter to contribute to ensure the trailer drive capacity.Boat Trailer

    At first, we put the encoder (1024 pulse/turn) on the trailer wheel, which is considered to be able to eliminate the transmission error of the mechanical part through the speed loop of the inverter, but the effect of this scheme is not ideal.Boat Trailer