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Plant Trailer Let The Plants Show Better
- May 15, 2017 -

Green plants at home, plant trailer whether flowers or more, or more meat, can easily alleviate the fatigue we often use eye causes, can give indoor decoration play the role of the finishing touch, but the most important, do not forget to pay attention to the plant Feng shui, some green plants, but not only flowerpot, right position, that is the cash cow, can help you to enter the bucket gold!

When it comes to Golden orange, maybe a lot of people wonder, is this stuff not eaten? Then I can only say that you are a eat, even the role of the Golden orange do not know. Judging from the color, this guy has a relationship with wealth. Many people buy gold orange potted back, it seems just a decoration. However, if the place of their own money in where to determine (generally in the east), this thing pyramid, the plant trailer is not high and low on that, duly wealth.

Rich Bamboo This thing, looks spoke politely, actually judge, all is relying on this name good, rich bamboo. Such potted plants, can not hide, need to be clearly positive, pyramid on the entrance to the front porch, to the home of the blessing of expensive. So, not rich bamboo has no effect, but you do not face it in Feng Shui on the use of plant trailer right position, you will make you to enter the bucket gold.

Huwei orchid, native to India. Continent tropical, so, their habits are very fond of warm, humid places, many people will not raise, is not to understand this point. Using this feature, we can put Huwei orchid in the bath room, on the one hand, on the other hand, from Feng Shui, to play the role of Yin and increase qi, to prevent the passage of wealth.