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Plant Trailer Friction Clutch
- May 15, 2017 -

Plant Trailer The diaphragm spring clutch of the plant trailer consists of the active part, the moving part, the pressing mechanism and the steering mechanism.

Plant Trailer Now the clutch presses tight spring form classification, can divide into Shufu spring clutch, central spring clutch and diaphragm spring clutch.

Plant Trailer Shufu Spring clutch and central spring clutch adopts spiral springs, respectively along the circular and central layout of pressing disc; diaphragm spring clutch adopts diaphragm springs, which is widely used. The moving part of the plant trailer diaphragm springs clutch consists of a flywheel, a clutch cap and a pressing plate. Press plate decomposition by the clutch cover, diaphragm springs, press plates, transmission pieces, driven plate, supporting rings.

Plant Trailer The principle is as follows: The clutch lid is fixed on the flywheel by Bolt, and the clutch lid is positioned through the positioning pin in order to maintain the correct mounting position. The torque is transmitted between the disc and the clutch lid through a weekly, uniformly distributed 3-group or 4-group drive piece. The transmission piece is made of spring steel sheet, each group of two pieces, one end with rivet riveting on the clutch lid, the other end is connected with screws on the pressure plate.

Plant Trailer The moving parts of the diaphragm spring clutch of a plant trailer consist of a follower disc and a follower shaft, which is generally accompanied by a torsional damper. The rotational speed and torque of the engine to the transmission system are periodically changing, which causes the torsional vibration of the transmission system, which will make the parts of the transmission system suffer from the alternating impact loads, which will reduce the life span and damage the parts.

Plant Trailer Torsional damper can be used to effectively prevent torsional vibrations of the transmission system. From the torque, the torque from the friction pad to the disc from the plate, by the damping springs to the hub of the drive, this time the spring will be compressed, absorbing the engine from the torsional vibration.

Plant Trailer The outer circumference of the movable disc steel plate is riveted with a wavy spring steel sheet, and the friction lining is riveted on the spring steel sheet respectively, and the disc steel plate is riveted with the damper, which is sandwiched between the friction washer and the hub of the moving disc.

Plant Trailer From the drive hub, from the disc and damper disc, there are 6 circular-cloth window holes, damping springs mounted in the window holes. Pressing mechanism is the diaphragm spring, its radial opening has several slots, forming elastic lever.

Plant Trailer The Groove end has a circular hole, fixed riveting apartosuite through the circular hole, and fixed on the clutch lid. The two sides of the diaphragm springs are fitted with a steel wire support ring, which is the fulcrum of the diaphragm springs working. The outer rim of the diaphragm springs of the plant trailer is associated with a pressing disc by separating hooks.