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Mechanical Properties Of Farm Trailer
- Sep 09, 2017 -

      A farm vehicle that transports materials by tractor traction. Also known as agricultural trailers, is the current important mechanization of transportation in rural China. Small wheeled or walking tractor traction small trailers in rural areas to carry out short-distance or field transport, to adapt to the needs of small-scale agricultural management. From large, medium-sized wheeled tractor trailer in the township, Town and Rural road transport, can give full play to the role of tractors. The fuel consumption rate of tractor-trailer transportation is lower or nearer than that of road, gravel and dirt roads, while on hard hard roads is higher than that of automobiles.Farm Trailer
      Structure and performance characteristics, agricultural trailer load density and volume difference, suitable for different characteristics of the type of materials a lot of carriages. The bottom area and volume of general-purpose carriages are larger. Some compartments are divided into upper and lower floors, and the upper deck can be disassembled. The structure strength and damping performance of the agricultural trailer are designed according to the driving speed below 30 km/h. The stiffness of the spring of the steel plate (the load value when the unit deformation is produced) is larger than that of the general vehicle trailer, so the vibration of the compartment is larger when empty or light load.Farm Trailer
     The use stress of the frame girder according to the static load calculation is higher than the car trailer 25~50%. The type of tyres used for short haul agricultural trailers is the same as that of automobiles, the maximum allowable load is about 15% higher than the car, and can be used in parallel with two tires when the load is large, but the agricultural trailer mainly used in field transportation should not be adopted so as to avoid the mud between the two tires in the field, so that the resistance increases and turns to laborious. The small diameter wide cross-section low-pressure tires can be used to enhance the pass capacity.Farm Trailer
     To ensure safe driving and maximize transport efficiency, tractor and trailer should be reasonable matching: traction device should be linked securely and not reduce the tractor driving wheel adhesion; braking system type (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic) matching, braking performance in line with the requirements of the transport Department; Signal Lighting System (steering indicator, brake light, The license plate lamp is consistent; The hydraulic unloading system can be dumped normally under the rated load, the tractor traction performance and the trailer load capacity are adapted to the ground conditions.Farm Trailer