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Logistics Distribution Of Flatbed Trailer
- Oct 16, 2017 -

The so-called flatbed trailer is also called trailer, flatbed, trailers, generally need to be towed by the truck maneuvering, to normal use of a kind of road vehicles without power. Suitable for heavy transportation of industrial goods or transport of personnel. Flatbed trailer, consisting of chassis, lifting device, lift traction device, hydraulic system, electric control system, body and toolbox, has many functions, such as lifting, pulling and hauling.Flatbed Trailer In the development of the domestic market at the same time actively expand international trade, for thousands of enterprises and users to provide logistics equipment production and management and logistics distribution services, to high-quality products and perfect service to win the praise of many enterprises at home and abroad, gradually set up a good brand and great influence. In the face of new forms and new opportunities, always carry forward the "innovative and pragmatic, cooperative and efficient" spirit of enterprise and "Customer is God, reputation is life" service concept, in the tide of the times for China's logistics industry, a better tomorrow to forge ahead! Its production of flatbed trailers is also widely favored by businesses.Flatbed Trailer

Double-double buffer traction mechanism, in the vehicle start or the brakes have cushion to avoid damage to the goods, steering mechanism for the Shanghai Machine slewing Assembly (excavator hook arm slewing assembly) Ten years without fear of damage, traction cage off adjustable fixed, different tonnage traction head or forklift traction only simple adjustment can be. Suspension frame, compared with the traditional hard connection (welding), reduce the long-term stress damage, longer service life, the axle automatic swing adjustment, convex and concave floor to ensure the level of the plate surface and tire load balance. The front and rear wheel group can be matched with spring steel plate shock absorber, reduce the damage of the bump to the cargo, configure the Universal connector, operate the flexible, 180-degree slewing frame, the minimum turning radius (180 degrees in-situ turn).Flatbed Trailer