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Introduction To The Application Of Car Trailer
- Aug 23, 2017 -

       Wrecker Car Series: Jianghuai wrecker, Isuzu Wrecker, Dongfeng Small overlord plate removal vehicle, Dongfeng Dolicato hanging type wrecker, Dongfeng Flat Road wrecker, Red Crag heavy-duty wrecker, the heavy-duty wrecker, plate wrecker, Iveco truck. The use of Wrecker: mainly used for road fault vehicles, urban vehicles and rescue. The ability of removing the vehicle can be divided into light, medium heavy and overweight type. Light-duty vehicle is a light truck, micro-bus and car, and so on, the removal of heavy-duty trucks is the medium-heavy truck, large and medium-sized passenger cars, such as heavy-duty trucks, trucks and super heavy truck-mounted car series.Car Trailer
      Rated load capacity, according to the need to design bearing tonnage; 2, load-bearing area, according to the need to design the bearing width and length of trailer; 3, the tire model, is the solid tire or the air tire, the solid tyre wear-resisting, does not explode the tire, the air embryo walks the speed to be quicker; 4, other configuration, such as: Double traction, with guardrail, van type, braking system, damping system, awning, rope netting and so on.Car Trailer
      People who like cars are familiar with a scene where a tall, blond guy with a car or SUV, with a small trailers in the back, is carrying the same blonde beauty along the seashore, mountain Path, and desert scene. In fact, this is a reflection of the daily life of European and American countries, many flashget very envious. In fact, according to the landscape, China's scenery is not bad, beauty is not bad, but the total feeling almost what? The answer is the small trailer that raised the whole landscape and made enough of the eyeballs.Car Trailer
     Why is it unusual for small trailers in China? It feels like the rarity of a small trailer is comparable to that of a three-tier city. And even if I had a heart to get one, I didn't find anything to sell, and could my car be as easy as a foreign car to hang a small trailer? and a small trailer that feels very practical. Talking about the small trailer why there is no fire in China, in fact, is really a comprehensive factor, after the number, the first factor should be the driving culture has not yet arisen. Self-driving tour These years in China is also a new type of tourism, but the majority of the current use of the Short-distance self-driving tour mode, the need for the car luggage is not so big, the general own car can be installed. So there is not too many people to consider the small trailer things.Car Trailer