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How To Choose A Farm Trailer
- Mar 06, 2017 -

When we were in the choice of agricultural tractors, first selection of quality brand-name products, important weight (under the same size larger trailer weight better), trailer load/weight should be greater than 2.
Body straight, traffic signs and lighting facilities, four linked to complete, and tractor gas fittings, Pu head should be reliable, convenient pick-up.
New car should be running, running when the load does not exceed the amount of the 80%, speed 150khi and observe the temperature of the bearing parts are normal and turntable, leaf springs and wheels and other fasteners fastening degree every 30~50kin fastening, fastening three times.
Hand driving trailers should be smooth, with leaf spring suspension, braking to be reliable, selection of no-load test can be carried out.
Tightness of axle bearings should be moderate, bearings, brakes, wheels and other major parts to high degree of General, main parameters, the standard requirements.