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How Much Do You Know Flatbed Trailer ?
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Flatbed trailers should not be strange to everyone because flatbed trailers help people in the industry and their role is irreplaceable. What do you know about flatbed trailers? Today we took everyone to learn about the relevant information.

Trackless flatbed trailer, that is, there is no track flatbed truck, rail flat car and it is the main difference is that non-railcar is a solid rubber coated wheel, bearing capacity, according to the size of the deadweight wheel diameter wheel configuration is different, the general Will be equipped with steering mechanism. Flatbed trailers can be free to travel in the ground plane can even turn around, can also be set according to customer requirements such as fixed routes. Compared with other trolleys traveling on the ground, the trolley has the advantages of small size and small carrying capacity, low trolley height, convenient loading and unloading, and more suitable for transporting materials in the workshop. However, non-railcar due to its bearing capacity of the ground have certain requirements, load less than 30T, the ordinary cement floor can be used, if more than 30T, the ground need to do toughening, or laying of steel and other high-strength bearing capacity of the material. Therefore, when purchasing non-rail flat car customers, we must consider the conditions of use, choose the most suitable for their handling car. .