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Flatbed Troubleshooting
- Mar 06, 2017 -

1. If you find flatbed normal driving shift difficult, you should first check if the remote control gear linkage failure;
2. If flat clutch pedal the brakes of the trailer on/off valve out of the way, and started blocking still difficult to hang the clutch brake system malfunction, you should first check the brake pneumatic, brake valves to fuller transmission lower left connector loose, push in the clutch pedal to the top clutch brake valve position;
3. If poor was scavenging, that fault should be dismantling the valve or replace brake switch if the exhaust is unobstructed, need to open and check the clutch brake cylinder and observe brake cylinder seals for wear leakage, piston moves freely without issue;
4. Finally check whether the braking circular concave piston wear, wear to replace piston.