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Flatbed Trailer Parts Equipment
- Oct 25, 2017 -

Before driving, should check and confirm the trailer device, brake pipe, cable connectors, such as good connection, and tire pressure to meet the requirements. When transporting overrun items, the Traffic Management department shall be required to handle the formalities, and shall travel in accordance with the prescribed route within the prescribed time. The limit part of the day should be inserted red flag, night should be hung red.Flatbed Trailer 

Ultra-high objects should be in person care, and should be accompanied by the power distribution tools to protect transmission lines, to ensure safe operation. Trailer loading and unloading machinery, should be parked care about the solid road surface, tires should be braked with triangular wood wedge plug tight.Flatbed Trailer Loading crawler crane, the lifting arm should be removed short, so that it does not exceed the highest point of the canopy, lifting arm back, the hook shall not be free to sway. You should reduce the speed when you turn the trailer. When loading bulldozers, the shovel blade should be removed when the shovel is over the width of the trailer. After the mechanical loading, each brake should be stopped, the safety device should be locked, the track or wheel should be wedge tight, and should be lashing firmly. Rain, snow, frost weather loading unloading, should take anti-skid measures. Up and down the ramp, should be in advance to change the low-speed gear, not halfway shift and emergency braking. It is forbidden to glide downhill air block.Flatbed Trailer

When the cold area is parked overnight, air and water should be drained from the tank. In the car under maintenance, repair, should be the internal combustion engine flameout, tighten the hand brake and the wheel wedge. When a vehicle is repaired, it shall be driven by a qualified person and shall not be manned or loaded on board, and shall be hung by the traffic management department when it is to be tested on the road. When parked on the ramp, the downhill parking should be hung upside down, the uphill parking should be hung on a block, and should use triangular wood wedge and so on tight tires.Flatbed Trailer