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Flatbed Trailer Operation Is Flexible
- May 15, 2017 -

Flatbed Trailer Safety operation:

1, plate trailer must abide by the "car safety operating procedures."

2, before the car should be inspected brake parts, flat on the kick and brake lights, tires, steel plates, trailer devices and safety nets.

3, loading and unloading of flat trailers, flat-plate trailers must be parked on the flat, hard ground. Drivers should strictly inspect the upper and lower springboard, Daomu whether to stand firmly, and the trailer tires with triangular wooden plug, the load is larger, must be erected springboard pad chassis, and then to unload.

4, loading, must be directed by the person, the weight should be placed in the appropriate position, so that the main beam and tire of the force balance, and the heavy weight lashing firmly, can drive.

5. When loading, the heavy weights are prohibited from the springboard.

6, under the high-tension line, no loading and unloading operations are prohibited.

7, transporting ultra-high objects, must have someone to look after, slow driving, if there is a touch wire possible, should signal to notify the trailer driver immediately stop, take measures, after the passage.

8, the shipment of ultra High object, the day should be in the end of the object and the top of the red flag hoisted at night to use red light.

9, the truck before the road should be observed, to ascertain the road, bridges, dams, drains and other buildings through the load, and then, if necessary, should be strengthened.

Structural properties of Flatbed Trailers:

1, flat trailer Duet buffer-type traction mechanism, in the vehicle start or brakes have buffers to avoid damage to cargo

2, plate trailer Steering mechanism for rotary Assembly (excavator hook-arm slewing assembly) Ten years do not worry about damage.

3, flat trailer traction cage shut down adjustable fixed, different tonnage traction head or forklift truck traction only simple adjustment can

4, plate trailer suspended frame, compared with traditional hard connection (welding), reduce the long-term stress damage to the bodywork, longer service life.

5, flat-plate trailer axle automatic swing adjustment, concave and convex ground to ensure the level of the plate and tire balance.

6, plate trailer and rear wheel group can match spring steel plate shock absorber, reduce the bump on the cargo damage

7, the use of domestic engineering vehicles are relatively recognized brand engineering solid tires, high elasticity, wear-resistant,

8, flat trailer 180 degrees slewing rack, minimum turning radius (180 degrees in situ turn)

9, plate trailer Configuration universal joints, the operation is flexible.