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Flatbed Trailer Maintenance Points Should Be Paid Attention To
- May 15, 2017 -

Flatbed Trailer Plate trailer adopts international standard steel, strong resistance to pressure, excellent material, not easily deformed! Professional trailer chassis, the carrier is strong, professional transportation of the major categories of non-removable objects.

Flatbed Trailer The plate trailer is also known as the construction machinery transport vehicle, mainly used for transporting some such as excavators, loaders, harvester-like non-removable objects. The cargo is packed in 3 tons to 40 tons, and a semi-hanging trailer (within 55 tons), suitable for long-distance transportation of construction machinery and some non-removable cargo.

Flatbed Trailer The maintenance of the flatbed trailer should pay attention to several points:

1, Flatbed Trailer plate trailer supercharger and inlet, exhaust gas, the connection must not be tight, if the exhaust pipe and gas turbine between the leakage, turbocharger efficiency will be greatly reduced, diesel exhaust temperature will increase sharply and damage the valve and supercharger.

2, Flatbed Trailer the new machine before starting, must be the supercharger and turbocharger oil filter filled with clean oil, to ensure that the diesel engine moving together, turbocharger bearings can be lubricated. After the car is running 8000~10000km, the Supercharger oil filter cartridge should be replaced.

3, Flatbed Trailer flat trailer in the diesel engine downtime, should be idle operating under the operating conditions of 3~5min, so that the supercharger speed down, temperature decreases, and supercharger operating sound. If the exception is found to be checked for downtime. such as turbocharger rotor rotation is not flexible with stuck or worn sound, have to send a conditional repair station.

4, Flatbed Trailer flat trailer, each working 500h or 30000km, should check the turbocharger rotor shaft clearance, and remove the compressor turbine shell and rotor blades of dust and charcoal. At this point to remove the turbocharger from the diesel engine, replacement of the turbocharger exhaust pipe between the metal gasket. The mechanical method is not permitted to remove the fouling on the rotor parts, but to use gasoline or other washing fluids for aluminium parts.

5, Flatbed Trailer flat plate trailer Turbocharger compressor lock nut can not be disassembled, otherwise will destroy the turbocharger rotor dynamic balance, causing the supercharger damage.

6, Flatbed Trailer plate trailer, do not allow any demolition of the turbocharger's rotating parts damaged or deformed, otherwise it will affect the balance of the turbine trailer. Nor can any rubber seals be damaged.