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Flatbed Trailer
- Mar 06, 2017 -

1. double buffer-towing, vehicle starting or braking the buffer to avoid damage.
2. the Steering Body for the Shanghai Rotary Assembly (Rotary excavator hooks arm Assembly) ten years without fear of damage.
3. adjustable traction under the cage closed fixed, when different tonnage or forklift truck traction traction head can easily adjust is OK
4. suspension steel frame, traditional hard-wired (welding), reduce body stress injuries for a long time, longer service life.
5. automatic swing adjustable axle, concave plate surfaces ground to ensure level and tire load balancing.
6. before and after the spring steel wheel can be equipped with shock absorbers, jolts the damage to the goods
7. adopt domestic vehicles are more recognized brand engineering tire, resilient, high wear resistance.
8.180 Rotary frame, minimum turning radius (pivoting turn 180 degrees).
9. configure universal connectors, flexible operation.

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