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Fault Diagnosis And Resolution Of Farm Trailer
- Sep 19, 2017 -

     In recent years, as a result of the country's increased investment in agriculture, farmers to buy agricultural machinery to further enhance the enthusiasm of tractors and other agricultural machinery into the ordinary peasant household. Farm Trailer

     Wheeled tractor Trailer hydraulic system is an important mechanism of tractor, but due to many reasons, some problems often occur in the use, which affect the normal work of tractors, reduce the efficiency of the use of tractors and farmers ' economic benefits. Therefore, we need to know the causes of common breakdowns of tractor trailer hydraulic system and the methods to eliminate them.Farm Trailer

     To determine the failure of the trailer to lift, it should be checked sequentially in a sequential manner. That is, first check whether the hydraulic tank oil shortage, first unscrew the oil tank cover, with the oil gauge to see if the hydraulic oil is adequate, when insufficient to add the full hydraulic oil, and then check the oil tank suction filter Network is blocked, the blockage of the oil-absorbing filter to be cleaned or replaced. Farm Trailer

     Then start the engine, the output shaft separating the joystick to the joint position, then check the gear pump, loosen the gear pump oil outlet connectors.Farm Trailer

    If not pump oil, proved to be defective gear pump; Should check the Distributor, if the distributor does not come to the oil, to prove that the distributor has trouble, to exclude the fault, you can tap the Distributor or use a screwdriver from the inspection hole to toggle the main control valve to eliminate the phenomenon of card dead;Farm Trailer

     If the oil pipeline comes, then prove fault in the hydraulic cylinder, the main oil cylinder assembly sealing ring failure, such as distributor and oil cylinder joint, safety valve, descending speed control valve, such as the sealing ring does not play a role in sealing, causing leakage, system oil pressure, also can not be upgraded agricultural tools, the failure to replace the sealing ring.Farm Trailer