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Farm Trailer Structure And Performance Characteristics
- Mar 05, 2018 -

Agricultural trailer load bulk density and volume vary greatly, suitable for different traits of many types of cars. Universal car floor area and the larger volume. Some compartments into the upper and lower floors, the upper compartment removable. The structural strength and vibration damping performance of agricultural trailer are all designed according to the traveling speed of 30 km / h. The stiffness of the leaf spring used (the load value when the deformation of the unit is generated) is larger than that of a typical automobile trailer, so the vibration of the carriage is rather large when empty or light-loaded. Frame girder calculated by static load stress than the car trailer high 25 ~ 50%. The agricultural trailer mainly used for short-distance transport uses the same type of tires as the automobile, allowing the maximum load to be about 15% higher than that of a vehicle according to the standard. When the load is large, parallel twin tires can be used. However, agricultural trailers mainly used for field transport should not be adopted, Easy to mud when the twins, so that the resistance increases and turned to laborious. Small diameter wide cross-section low-pressure tires available to improve the ability to pass.

To ensure safe driving and maximize the transport efficiency, tractors and trailers should be a reasonable package: Traction device should be firmly fixed and does not reduce the traction of the tractor drive wheels; brake system type (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic) Braking performance in line with the requirements of the transport sector; signal lighting system (steering lights, brake lights, license plate lights, etc.) before and after the harmonization; hydraulic dump system at normal load can be normal dumping; tractor traction and trailer load capacity adaptation Ground conditions passed.