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Farm Trailer Bring High Speed, High Output
- May 10, 2017 -

Sowing: Start planting in April each year.

Water and fertilizer management: 2 meters in diameter pipe from the Columbia River water, water diversion pipeline through the buried laying directly to the irrigation lap water supply, liquid fertilizer can be sprayed directly through the spray ring ratio spray.

All sprinkler louisets are concentrated in the central control room for centralized control, and different colors can show that the sprinkler is in different states such as watering, spraying, vacancy and so on. A single sprinkler can adjust the amount of spray, adjust the spray time, up to 180 tons per hour of water. Every month will be into the infusion ring into the infrared aerial, through the temperature display can be investigated spraying effect, or even see the problem of the nozzle.


Even in the flat area will also use the pit machine to fight the pit, which ridge type short width, than the domestic conventional planting ridge low, ridge distance 83cm. This avoids the domestic potato exposed surface of the situation, while playing pit water will be better.

Per mu:

Each potato can be knot about 6 potatoes, per mu in 5.5 to 8 tons. Deformity and green head phenomenon is very small.


Farm Trailer As the yield is high, do not use the domestic common "4 +2" joint harvest model, the direct use of combine harvester for harvest. US farms use 3-line combine harvester, with 16 tons of transport bucket for harvest.

With the processing season needs, from mid-July to start harvesting potatoes, has been harvested in November. Processing potatoes are transported directly to the production line, and the potatoes harvested today are processed into potato chips tomorrow. Do not need too much to declare the aging, so the harvest does not need to kill seedlings.

Sorting transshipment:

Field transport using the Double L 902 series of dump trailers. In the area where several planting circles are concentrated, the 960 hopper is placed to provide a smooth flow of material for the subsequent sorting platform. Artificially picking up residual spermts and serious injuries to potatoes and stones. And then through the 811 series stacker to the potatoes shipped to the bottom with a conveyor belt device trucks. Trucks to achieve short-distance transport, transport to the processing plant production.

Farm Trailer This process is the most lacking step for domestic customers, many customers use large joint harvest, bulk storage and other models, but there is still a lot of sorting and transport lack. We need to tell the customer is that the excavation speed is not equal to the harvest speed, dug out, shipped out, potatoes in exchange to create benefits. We need to promote the customer to improve the real harvest system, whether it is American harvest or European harvest model, need to make customers aware of the importance of sorting and transport. At the same time, the mechanization of sorting and transport will also greatly reduce labor costs, Farm Trailer low bumps, efficient flow, harvest quality and effect improved significantly.

16 tons of dump truck and harvester with the harvest.

Two 16-ton load dump trucks can be unloaded simultaneously on the sorting platform

The planetary wheel in the sorting platform cleans the broken soil and small potatoes

Artificial picking of sons and stones, Farm Trailer as well as serious injuries to the potatoes.

The stacker ships the potatoes to the bottom of the truck with the conveyor belt, and then carries on the middle and short distance transportation.

Mechanized potato farm management brings high speed, high output, the effect is very obvious. Short-term investment to bring long-term benefits, we hope that through our introduction to better understand the US potato farm.