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Description Of The Structure Of The Farm Trailer
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Long tube trailer the overall structure of sub-walking institutions, large volume steel seamless cylinder (hereinafter referred to as gas cylinders) and its connection device three parts. The walking mechanism shall meet the requirements of the total load and shaft load, and shall be modified according to the special structure of the loading cylinder. Farm Trailer The outer flange of the cylinder is connected with the mounting flange, and the mounting flange is fixed on the front and rear supporting plates at both ends with the bolt; the plug is fitted with the plug on the inner thread of the bottle, the pipe is connected with the plug, Operators are equipped with filling air pipe, quick connector, sewage device (if necessary), safety accessories and so on.Farm Trailer

Hydrogen long tube trailer loaded compressed hydrogen, high working pressure, the use of frequent travel to urban roads and building-intensive areas, safety issues are very important, and the safety of manufacturing and installation of the safety of hydrogen long trailer operation safety is the primary guarantee The Hydrogen Long tube trailer is mainly set up with the following aspects of safety measures: cylinder as a long pipe trailer main bearing parts, its quality and long pipe trailer safety performance is closely related. So the cylinder inside and outside the surface are shot peening, and with the endoscopic camera system only within a comprehensive internal inspection to ensure that the internal quality. Gas cylinder molding and hydraulic pressure test only after the magnetic particle testing to ensure that there is no crack-like defects exist. The ends of the cylinders are tested by magnetic powder to ensure reliable quality of the connecting thread.Farm Trailer

Loading and unloading gas process, that is, open the operating position of the door is strictly prohibited to start running the car, otherwise it will cause loading and unloading hose connection parts such as pull off, gas leakage and other serious accidents. So in the operation of the warehouse set up pneumatic safety interlock device, by car part of the air bag to provide air supply, the operating state of the car in a braking state, can not start, loading and unloading gas is completed, the operation door closed, the brake state Only to be lifted, the car can be normal driving.Farm Trailer

Long tube trailer tail set to connect the static grounding zone, the operation of the warehouse on the way to set the conductive film, can be exported at any time to run and charge when the accumulation of static charge. Conductive static mopping with soft wear-resistant conductive rubber towing, that is, to fully discharge the static charge, and will not discharge too fast and spark discharge.Farm Trailer