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Container Trailer Parking Is In The Opposite Direction?
- Mar 06, 2017 -

First to observe a clear backing, backing his main problem lies in the field of small and, therefore, need to watch carefully before reversing and reversing again, if you are using the rear-view mirror reverse, should be familiar with the rearview mirror shows scenes with real gap object.
Secondly when backing must control the speed, also note the observation and be prepared to stop at any time, if the environment is more complex to reverse, had better command after the other person in the car, it would be safer.
Need note of is, in slope Shang down reversing Shi, many friends may using empty block reversing, such do speed not easy control, especially in slippery of ramp road Shang reversing Shi, stepped on brake or stepped on clutch device pedal will caused body of sideslip or runaway, at, compared sound of method is hanging into pour block, release hand brake, using engine of led resistance role smooth to reversing.