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Complex Construction Of Car Trailer
- Sep 19, 2017 -

     Carry vehicles for short-distance transportation of trackless trains. Tractors and trailers belonging to moving vehicles do not include ﹑ tractors and their trailers on highways. Tractors are used to tow trailers, and are sometimes used to traction other equipment, traction aircraft or air cushion handling devices. Trackless trains are evolved from narrow-gauge railway vehicles, and their transport lines can be changed, with greater flexibility, and have been developed into unmanned handling systems.Car Trailer

    The driving parts of the complex ﹑ construction and the simple bearing parts of the transporting vehicle are respectively made into tow tractors and trailers, and the formation of the train operation, can improve the driving part of the turnover, and loading ﹑ unloading truck when the tractor does not have to wait, but also to increase the carrying capacity of the carrier, with the same equipment investment to obtain higher productivity. The tractor has a small shape and low driving speed, but its dynamic performance is good and the steering radius is smaller.Car Trailer

    Tractors and floors can be contacted 3 or 4 points. The 3-point tractor can reduce the steering radius, the maneuverability is good, but the stability is poor. All kinds of tractor are equipped with power plant ﹑ Drive device ﹑ steering device and braking device. Car Trailer

    In order to enable towing tractor can realize towing, require tractor's original motive to have enough power, the drive wheel has enough torque to make the vehicle drive, also require the ground and the wheel to have enough adhesion, otherwise the driving wheel and the ground skid, the vehicle cannot drive. The adhesion is proportional to the driving wheel pressure, and the number of ﹑ drive wheels (such as multi-axis drive vehicles) to increase the wheel pressure of the driving wheel can play the traction of the vehicle better.Car Trailer

    Sometimes the use of appropriate patterns of tires and tracks to replace the wheel can also achieve better results. In order to enable the tractor to realize the braking, the brake wheel must have enough braking torque, the ground and the brake wheel should have enough adhesion, otherwise the wheel does not turn, and the vehicle is still on the ground sliding forward and cannot stop.Car Trailer