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Car Trailer Work At The Time Of The System Specification
- May 15, 2017 -

Car Trailer How to protect the tire in the process of using car trailer

1, first, in the use of car trailers, can keep the tires correct wheel pressure.

2, to carry on the normal inspection of trailer tires.

3, when the use of trailers, such as the trailer tires wear to the indicator signs, the need to stop immediately.

4, in the use of the wheels to be positioned to facilitate safe use.

5, use a period of time to swap the tire position.

6, to prevent the corrosion of chemical products on tires.

7, avoid the car trailer ultra high speed form.

Car Trailer System specification for automotive trailer work:

1 transform movement direction, must wait for movement completely stops after the reverse starts.

2 not to start the electric flat car to the top, bump, drag, pull the railway cargo.

3 work, must two people simultaneously work, one person promotes flat car, another person pays attention to the vehicle cargo and the surrounding situation, reminds past personnel to pay attention to safety, occurrence situation promptly take appropriate measures to prevent the occurrence of harm others or oneself accidents.

4 in the course of operation, people are strictly prohibited to stand on the flatbed, should avoid the urgent parking to prevent the cargo due to the danger of inertia slip.

Car Trailer Three points to be noticed in automotive trailer transmissions

The maintenance of the vehicle transmissions is very important, and the car trailer is no exception, especially during the run-in period. Therefore, the vehicle in the use process needs to check the height of the transmission oil every month, view the indication ruler. Different transmissions are not the same as the high standard of transmission oil, too low or too high, which can cause the transmission system to become not smooth.

Car Trailer To prolong the life of the vehicle trailer transmission, the good driving method is essential for the use of the car trailer in the running-in period. What is the problem or improper operation of the gearbox of the car in the running-in period?

1: When the car moves forward, avoid shifting to backward gear; Likewise, the car is sliding backwards to avoid shifting to the forward gear, and must wait for the car to stop completely and shift gears.

2: Car Trailer Driving hand Gear car, whether in high-speed gear or low gear, should try to change gears at the appropriate speed, avoid shifting between the car suddenly slow down or jitter. At the same time, remember to shift the clutch must be completely stepping on the end.

3: Car Trailer When you stop on a red light or other reason, you should stop the car with the brakes, do not use the power of the engine to stall the car to prevent backward slipping. For example, some motorists prefer to half-step in the clutch, semi-dot throttle method so that the car will not retreat, but this will make the engine and transmission wear. Good operation method for the later life of the vehicle plays a very important role, so the car in the maintenance of the running period is essential.