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Car Trailer Tools
- Sep 09, 2017 -

      Locate the trailer at the rear of the towing vehicle and the towing vehicle in front of it. Many cars trailer hook position design in the lower part of the bumper, generally in the vehicle use manual marked out a clear location, the owner can also be observed before and after the bumper found a hidden space, where the use of circular or square cover position is the car trailer hook position.Car Trailer
       Some car trailer hooks are split and need to be assembled when used. After removing the lid on the bumper, assemble the hook that is carried with the vehicle. Install the trailer tool. Whether the selection of soft or hard trailer tools, installation to ensure that the connection of the car when the link is solid and reliable, drag hooks designed to have a safe lock buckle need to lock in place. Check the connection before and after the trailer is running. A soft trailer rope with no trailing hook on both ends is to be bundled with a slip knot when used, and the towing rope will be difficult to untie if it is pulled through a huge traction.Car Trailer
      The tractor uses a 1-block start to ensure that the large torque provides enough traction, while the tractor needs to control the speed, maintain a smooth running, and increase the power output when feeling a slight resistance. Manual car type avoids heave clutch pedal, adopt half linkage slow start, lest damage to vehicle. Should choose the color of eye-catching trailer tools, such as yellow, blue, fluorescent green, fluorescent red and so on. The colors are not striking enough to hang coloured strips on the trailer tools. Use trailer ropes or trailers with reflective material to increase the warning effect at night.Car Trailer
     Trailer tools in front and rear vehicle trailer hook position to install, such as the fault car for the left hook, then the tractor should also choose the left hook to ensure that the road after the straight drive. And in the installation of trailer hook must be checked afterwards, to ensure that the trailer hook installed fastening, in order to avoid the use of the trailer hook pop-up wounding.Car Trailer