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Car Trailer To Ensure The Safety Of Traffic
- May 10, 2017 -

Car Trailer When your car breaks down, you call a trailer, and the trailer goes wrong, and you call another trailer to drag the trailer and your car, then drag the trailer and your car's trailer is out of order, so you need One can drag your car and drag your car trailer as well as your car and drag your car trailer to drag your car ...

As the saying goes: often walking in the river, how can not wet shoes. After a long time driving, more or less will encounter a variety of problems, such as their own car anchor, or friends of the car broke down, and then call to you.

This time we do not want to spend so much money to ask people trailer, then they can only do it yourself.

So if we own a car to help a friend trailer, or a friend to help the trailer, we should need to know what knowledge? Need to pay attention to what?

The preparation of the trailer rope

Car Trailer First of all we have to do some preparatory work, this is usually we should be ready. One is ready for a good trailer rope, the Internet has to sell, not expensive, about 100 dollars on it.

Trailer rope we should always be on the car; there is a pre-familiar with their own car trailer hole, to know how to use the right, do not need to look at the trailer when blinded.

Trailer can not be accelerated

There are some need to pay attention to, when the trailer must not be fierce acceleration, trying to bring up the back car. Especially the trailer to help the car after the storm, the first slowly open,Car Trailer  the tractor rope tightened, and then to increase the horsepower to drag the trapped car pulled out. Because if the trailer rope is not tight on the fuel door to drag the door, Car Trailer it may be the car to the direct trailer to the frame.

Trailer can not be onlookers

There is also in the process of the trailer, the other person is best not to rely on so close to the crowd, because if the trailer rope directly to the collapse of the words, Car Trailer then the trailer rope rejection of the force is great, unfortunately, Unreasonable death of the sentence is also half disabled.

Control the speed

Trailer in the process must pay attention to control the speed, as far as possible to avoid the phenomenon of sudden brakes, because the car is out of the state when there is no brake and turn to help.

So the two cars need to cooperate with the good, Car Trailer the car is best able to run at constant speed, or about what the car about slow, then the trailer rope may also can not stand, increasing the chance of collapse.


Do not underestimate the trailer, which is a technical live,Car Trailer  most people really do not, right, do not forget to drive when the double flash it.

Remind the passers-by, but also to remind other vehicles here are faulty car in the drag, so that others can also avoid in advance to ensure the safety of traffic.