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Car Trailer Precautions
- Jun 02, 2017 -

1, on the external / hidden trailer ring

General vehicle trailer ring is also divided into hidden and external, external type is generally more rough in the use of off-road models, and relative to the image of the home car is the majority of the use of built-in trailer ring. Hidden in order to the overall design of the beautiful, the design of the trailer hook inside the bumper, the general use of cars in the city more, so before using the first to open the decorative cover, and then manually install the trailer ring can be used in the car. Due to the use of a very small chance, some friends even do not know their own hidden trailer ring position.Car Trailer

2, trailer rope

Finished the trailer ring, then we we talk about the match with the use of the choice of trailer rope, in the purchase of trailer rope when the need to pay attention to what matters. Be sure to buy eye-catching, most of the trailer rope material can be reflective at night, as much as possible to choose this. Choose a trailer rope that can withstand the drag load. According to the different materials and manufacturing methods, the rope can withstand the maximum tension is also different, carrying drag force from 1 ton to 8 tons have, so the choice must be based on your car to choose, we generally The maximum weight of up to 2 tons, so choose the maximum drag force of 5 tons of trailer rope is completely enough.Car Trailer

3, traction rod

In front of just mentioned the selection of the trailer rope, is not only the trailer rope it? In addition, there is a traction rod for the traction of the vehicle, which includes the left drawbar connector, the connecting rod and the right drawbar connector. The three parts are connected and assembled. The traction rod connector is slid Lock card, lock pin, lock bar composition. The drawbar has a simple structure, can be decomposed, easy to assemble, and easy to carry. Compared with the existing trailer rope, the traction rod is simple and easy to connect. It can ensure the traction safety.

4, the use of trailer ring

The first thing to say is the installation of the trailer ring, the car in order to consider the overall beauty of the vehicle, the trailer ring installation site deliberately concealed (that is, hidden), the general installation of these trailer ring in front and rear anti-collision steel On the beam, you need to use the front cover on the front and rear bumper cover. And then in the car spare tools to find the trailer ring installed on the anti-collision steel beam on the reserved interface. It is recommended that the trailer ring be tightened using a wrench or tire mounting tool.Car Trailer

5, driving operation precautions

Trailer, the car must take into account the back of the vehicle, starting and parking should be "slow, smooth" principle. Start to use a block, manual gear slowly lift the clutch so that the vehicle slowly sliding forward, automatic models need to slowly release the brakes until the slack rope stretched, and then normal start. If the start too much, the trailer rope and the towed car is very easy to hurt, this is a security risk, do not because this caused the second accident.