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Car Trailer Loading And Unloading Device
- Sep 28, 2017 -

The cost transistor and the two relays combine the brake lights and indicator signals of the common vehicle to ensure that the trailer lights respond to these two commands. C1 and C2 charge to the peak amplitude of the quantum signal, which flashes twice per second. Select the value to keep the relay off at the flashing interval; if the capacitor is too large, the brake signal can not activate the trailer light immediately after the quantum signal is canceled. This circuit is developed for new cars, in the new car, the need for independent steering and braking signals to ensure safety.Car Trailer

Loading and unloading can self-loading and unloading trailer machinery, should be run by the captain or skilled driver, and should be unified by the command. Command staff should be familiar with the command of the trailer and shipping machinery performance, features, on, get off the action should be smooth, not on the springboard to adjust the direction. Loading crawler cranes, the boom should be demolished, so that it does not exceed the highest point of the shed, the boom back, the hook is not free to shake. The speed of the trailer should be reduced. When the bulldozer is shipped, the blade should be removed when the blade exceeds the trailer width.Car Trailer

After the mechanical loading, the brakes should be stopped, the insurance device should be locked, the track or wheel should be wedge tight, and should be tied firmly. Rain, snow, frost weather loading and unloading vehicles, should take anti-slip measures. Trailer parking place should be solid flat, long parking or heavy truck parked overnight, should be flat support, the tire should not be under pressure. When unloading, the car must be reset in time, not in the dumping situation. It is forbidden to carry people in the carriage. After the car lifts up to repair, lubrication and other operations, you must use the support of the car to support a solid, before entering the compartment work. After transporting concrete or sticky material, after operation, should be inside and outside the car clean, to prevent condensation in the car.Car Trailer

An agricultural vehicle that trains a material by a tractor. Also known as agricultural trailers, is China's rural areas of the important mechanized transport. Small wheeled or tractor tractors traction small trailers in rural areas for short or field transport, to meet the needs of small-scale agricultural operations. Traction trailers traded by large and medium-sized wheeled tractors in townships, towns and rural roads can give full play to the role of tractors.Car Trailer