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Car Maintenance
- Mar 06, 2017 -

1) must first understand the car's main structure, performance and tanker capabilities, special purpose vehicle chassis must be required to wind two gas stations or liberation of Faw service stations or maintenance;
2) one oil tanker usually consists of special purpose vehicle chassis (Dongfeng or liberation II chassis), oil tank, pipe network system, power unit consists of four parts;
3) you open the tanker drivers have to do routine maintenance for your car, before driving to do, driving, check the shift, clean, fastening, add effects, detect the tanker to a few problems or security risks, timely detection of problems in time;
4) before driving check oil tank, pipeline, valve and oil or oil spills, shelters are built according to the requirements, lubricating oils, fuel oil, cooling water, hand, foot brake, steering, gauges, lights, tire pressure, tire nut.