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Boat Trailer Preventative Maintenance Work
- May 15, 2017 -

Discussion on the selection and maintenance of Boat Trailer

The Boat Trailer has a close relationship with the motorboat, which avoids the damage caused by the imbalance of the force and the swaying unbalance of the motorboat because of transportation and parking. It can be said that after the motorboat left the water, most of the time is relying on the Boat Trailer to be supported. And according to statistics land storage life expectancy than the water park longer than 1/3 of life! So we strongly recommend that you choose a motorboat with a trailer of a in the same time.

So how do we choose and maintain the Boat Trailer?

Choice of Boat Trailers:

1. Style selection

An apparently first question to consider is a trailer to contain several locations if you have only one motorboat, of course, a single Boat Trailer is enough, but if your relatives and friends may buy a boat, or someone with a motorboat on the water, or the plan to buy a second motorboat, you may need a modular trailers.

2. Material selection

Steel is the cheapest and the most common production trailer frame materials, generally used after painting will look very good also with the vehicle look very much, but attention to do some preventive maintenance work in advance to make it longer. Trailers are often used for prolonged corrosion, especially in the welding joints and damaged parts, if there is no regular inspection, then there will be some corrosion spots, which will destroy the original appearance and structural strength.

If the waters around you are mainly freshwater, you can choose the steel spray paint trailer, but if it is salty water or seawater, then the choice of galvanized material is a better choice, indeed, it does not look so good-looking, originally shiny silver appearance with time gradually passivation to the darker gray, but the surface of the galvanized layer can be very good to protect the internal steel structure to prevent its corrosion, from the anti-corrosion this effect is far better than steel spray paint trailer.

Aluminum alloy has many advantages, its appearance is very attractive, and will not become poorer over time, can be directly exposed to the air, and more light than steel. Of course, there are disadvantages--prices, aluminium trailers are much more expensive than steel trailers. Unlike the tube structure of steel trailer in general, aluminum trailers are generally more fashionable beam structure, but the problem also appears, wires and brake lines often cannot walk from within, but to connect along the outside frame, if you choose aluminum alloy trailer, then it is better to find some accessories to protect these lines.

3. Damping mechanism

Like cars, trailers have the same damping mechanism, the most common is the spring steel plate, composed of many curved and slender bars, these bars overlap together, through its elasticity to cushion damping. There is also a more expensive, but better damping system is the use of a torsion beam, one end connected with the trailer frame, the other end with the axle, so as to achieve the effect of damping.

4. Tire

Nothing is more irritating than a sudden tire, so it is particularly important to choose a reliable and suitable tire. Tire selection must be well matched with trailers and loads. Normal tyre inside return oil mark, tire size, maximum load and speed, the size of the tire must match the size of the trailer, according to the total weight of the motor boats and trailers to choose the appropriate load-bearing tires, driving in order to ensure safety in the best speed range, can also contact the builders and agents to inquire these details.

5. Brake System

Brake systems generally have two options, drum brakes and disc brakes. Disc brakes as the name implies, through a fixed and constant rotation of the disc, braking the use of hydraulic pressure to promote the brake caliper piston generation braking force, and the "disc" contact with friction eventually to stop the vehicle. This is like our bike, through the brake-leather friction wheel, eventually the car stops. The drum brakes have a-shaped iron castings similar to the tambourine, which are fixed and rotating at the same speed as the tires. Brake, unlike the disc brake "clamp" brake disc, drum brakes will be located in the brake drum through the hydraulic brake to make the film pushed outward, so that the brake pad with the wheel rotation of the brake drum with friction occurs, resulting in braking effect. Drum style is cheaper, but maintenance is more difficult, drum must also be more meticulous maintenance. Disc brakes generally have higher prices, but they are more convenient to maintain and less likely to be worn and corroded.