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20T Container-specific Flatbed Trailer: Sufficient Ability To Complete The Gradual Improvement Of The Product
- Feb 23, 2018 -

Shandong Shenzong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Strive to achieve perfect solutions for 20T container special flatbed trailers. For more information, please visit our website for 20T container flatbed trailers. Find out more about 20T Container Flatbed Trailers: Adequate Capabilities to Achieve Commodity Gradual Improvement , Company phone: 13869617588. 

The system is specifically designed to enhance the management of all types of gas cylinders and gases, and to ensure reasonable and safe use. The first implementation of a variety of gas distribution system, the storage unit responsible for the company's gas delivery and empty bottles recycling. Second, each factory, in time will be used to complete empty bottles, stored in the designated empty area, so that the storage sector recovery. If the factory does not have an empty bottle in time to the empty bottle area, the manager and the financial department punish the branch according to the economic responsibility system. 30 warehouse department every day before work the third minute, to inform the material planning department of the number of gas cylinders. According to the number of empty bottles provided by the storage department, the fourth material planning department will procure various kinds of gases to the company within the stipulated time the next day. The fifth branch of the gas volume should be in the production department, material planning department, storage department, managers and factories together to determine. After approval, the implementation of the Ministry of the distribution of empty bottles filled with bottles. Sixth branch, such as various types of gas cylinders damaged or lost, each by 600 yuan compensation.