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Trailer should always check
- Mar 06, 2017 -

Trailer daily of maintenance in the, except some parts need regularly replaced yiwai, also has part parts is need regularly check of, as trailer brake disc, and trailer brake, and brake tablets, and pipeline, and steering lever ball head, and shock absorber, some, also has tire rubber parts, is trailer of tire, and ball cage dust sets, and upper and lower support arm rubber sets and balance Rod rubber sets, parts, these parts for wear or aging and appeared fault will on vehicles of driving caused security hidden, so we in do maintenance of while also need on chassis of parts for detailed of check.
Need to be aware of is that in most parts of the chassis is damaged, it can lead to abnormal or bumpy occurs in vehicle noise, recommended if you hear the noise, causes site and should be identified as soon as possible, and then repair, as appropriate, in order to ensure traffic safety as much as possible.