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Tipping trailer information
- Mar 06, 2017 -

Tipping trailer is composed of frame, tipping bucket, hydraulic system and rear door mechanism of automatic switching devices, opening at the lower end of plunger hard, guide Bush communicated with the oil return pipe with a hole on the ring groove, hydraulic circuits can be formed, radial hole on the valve spool, when with the valve and the pressure and radial holes in the suction pipe when Unicom, forming relief circuit.
Lifting bracket Central and column plug joins, and Qian, and Hou end respectively and dump Qian bearing, and Rod joins, constitute by force lever, backdoor automatically switch device is by lever, and shake arm, and frame, and dump constitute of four Rod institutions, lever ends respectively and frame, and shake arm joins, shake arm joins in dump Shang, dump and frame with pin axis joins, the hydraulic since unloading trailer has structure simple, manufacturing convenient, cost low, work reliable of advantages.